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Meet our Counselor - Kasey Culp

Student Needs by Kasey Culp

Kasey Culp is the counselor for New Boston Middle School.  She is happy to assist students on academic, social, and personal needs.

Kasey Culp

1215 Hwy 8 North

New Boston, TX 75570

Office (903) 628-6588

Fax (903) 628-5132


Conselor Profile

Coming soon!


Counseling Programs and Services

 - At Risk Campus Coordinator

 - Special Education Referral Process

 - Gifted and Talented Campus Coordinator

 - 504 Campus Coordinator

 - Individual & Small Group Counseling

 - Classroom Guidance

 - Bullying Prevention

 - Red Ribbon Drug Prevention

 - Student Intervention Team Meetings

 - Career Preparation

 - Character Education





School Counselor Mission Statement


     The school counselor will provide support and guidance to each student in the school setting to prepare them for excellence.  The counseling program involves a collaborative effort in providing learning opportunities for educational, personal, social, and career development.  As an important part of the education system, the counseling program seeks to identify, organize, and coordinate educational, community, and family resources to implement this mission.




     Schools are increasingly being asked to respond to societal problems illustrated through dropout rates, substance abuse, conflicts among students, student suicide, and violent behavior.  Efforts are ongoing to identify students who are in danger and to intervene in appropriate and meaningful ways to prevent problems from reaching this level.  The primary focus is on providing exceptional education to all students.  Quality standards are identified for educational programs, staff development, and accountability.




     Guidance through the counseling program is vital to the focus on excellence in education for all students.  The needs of each student provide a foundation for an effective guidance program.  The guidance program is offered through various avenues including a Guidance Curriculum, Individual Planning Systems, Response Services, and 

System Support.




The comprehensive guidance program will assist all students through:

  • Supporting students in improving self-esteem, responsible and respectable behavior, academic motivation, goal-setting, and planning skills.

  • Aiding students in understanding and interacting with others.

  • Helping students improve decision making, problem solving, social, academic, and communication skills.

  • Assisting students in career exploration and educational planning.

  • Fostering community pride and involvement.

  • Upholding confidentiality regulations.